Restaurants, bars and ice-cream parlours to close at 6pm in Italy

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte has re-introduced a number of restrictive measures against Covid-19. He said that if the rules are respected in November, Christmas will be more serene.

Restaurants, bars and ice cream parlors have to close at 6pm, but can remain open all day on Sundays – with no more than four people being able to sit around a table. The new restrictions will remain in force until 24 November.

Gyms, swimming pools, cinemas and theatres will remain closed. It is recommended that Italians go out only for essentials and that only nuclear family members are allowed into the home.
He confirmed that the first doses of the Covid vaccine are expected to arrive in Italy in December and will be given first to the most vulnerable and those most exposed to the virus.

Apropos of the protests that took place in cities like Rome and Naples, Conte said he understands people’s anger against government measures. He warned however that disorder should not be encouraged.