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Restaurants, kiosks and snack bars can only offer take-away service up to 11 April

Restaurants, kiosks and snack bars can only offer take-away service up to 11 April. This was announced today by the Prime Minister, along with a number of other new measures against Covid-19.

Guesthouses will remain open for their residents, whilst nightclubs, bars and clubs will remain closed.

The Prime Minister stated that in cases of contraventions of the law, fine will double to  6,000 euro.

Events for the masses will remain prohibited, except for weddings and religious activities. In the case of private activities in homes, only persons from a maximum of four households can be invited.

The Prime Minister also announced a prohibition on contact sports involving participants below the age of 16 years, and contact sport for the over-16s can be held with the observance of protocols.

The Prime Minister stated during the media conference that with effect from Monday a directive will come into force for Government and public workers to work via Telework.
Dr Abela stated that during this period the vaccine programme will increase, with the Government expected to extend the wage supplement up to June for businesses, and with assistance being given to restaurants wishing to go online, with restaurants, snack bars and kiosks again going on full wage supplement.
The Prime Minister pointed out that over 360 million euro have been handed out in wage supplements and for quarantine leave.
Activities in private households are to be limited to guests from a maximum of four households. Persons caught contravening this rule can be fined up to 100 euro each.