Restoration of Auberge de France in Birgu

A building in Birgu which dates back to the first years of the Order of St John in Malta, which used to host the French knights, is going to be restored.

The Auberge De France, which is currently serving as the local council office for the city of Victoriosa, will be restored thanks to funds by the Malta Tourism Authority.

The Government will be investing €35,000 to restore the building which is located in the historic centre of Birgu known as  il-collachio.

Birgu’s Mayor John Boxall said that is one of the largest Auberges left behind by the Knights and its restoration is needed so that it can be given back to the people to appreciate its historical and artistic beauty.

“We will restore it in a certain way so that it will not only be used like it is today as an administrative office by the council but for the general public to enjoy.”

Tourism Minister Clayton Bartolo said that Birgu is a treasure, with this auberge forming a part of niche tourism in the area.

“We want to attract a particular niche of cultural and historical tourism to our country and more tourists towards this city which will help us to raise our tourism product and the quality of life of the Maltese people.”

Minister Bartolo said that the funds which will be allocated to the restoration are a clear indication of the investment to strengthen the country’s tourism product.

The Chairman of the MTA Gavin Gulia, said that aiming for quality tourism will continue to strengthen Malta’s position as a destination which attracts niche tourism of a certain class.