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Restoration work underway on oldest windmill at Xewkija

A unique windmill at Xewkija Gozo, with an eight-facade tower, is being restored as part of a regeneration project of the locality’s square.

The windmill, which was commissioned by Grand Master Perellos, started milling wheat in 1710 and remained in use till 60 years ago. The building was left to deteriorate, a situation that provided a challenge to the restoration directorate.

Architect Ivana Farrugia from the directorate said, “This windmill is part of a considerable number of windmills built by the Knights of St John in Maltese and Gozitan villages. Between the 17th and 18th Century, the Knights built 50 mills in Malta and 15 on Gozo. This windmill is particular because it is the oldest one”.

Architect Shaun Micallef said that the restoration involves work on the outside and inside parts of the windmill that include the changing of the concrete ceiling with traditional stone beams and the cleaning of the stones, while the mill’s mechanism will be rebuilt.

The windmill’s restoration is part of the regeneration of the Xewkija square launched by the Gozo Ministry assisted by the European Fund for Regional Development.

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