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Restorers and conservationists in Malta receive warrant for the first time

Professionals in the restoration and conservation sphere have to adhere to a code of ethics and high standards when they carry out restoration of personal ancient objects and of national heritage. 25 restorers and conservationists in differenti fields received their warrant, aimed at recognising this profession and entails that work on historic heritage is carried out by qualified persons in the sector.

Restorers and conservationists who received the warrant included professionals who work in the sector of paper and books, cloth, painting and other objects.

Professor JoAnn Cassar, a member of the board that scrutinized the candidates for the warrant, said that this is an important step to safeguard heritage in the best way.

“From now on, we have a registry of persons who are recognised by the state and legislation as professional people, and tell them this means a lot for me, for the locality, the country and that they want the best care…and you know you will find it”.

Prof. Cassar stated that a historic object is not always of national importance, however, it may have a sentimental value to the family. Persons given the warrant were certified as having the necessary skills to take care of an object in the best way.

Restorers and conservationists who received the warrant need not only to adhere to the code of ethics but also to carry out 25 hours of learning and training each year to update themselves on the latest developments in the sector.

Prof. Cassar added that the cultural heritage superintendency will have the authority to enforce the law to see that, those receiving the warrant, are following regulations, and that restoration work on a historic object is carried out by authorised persons.

During the presentation of the warrants at the Museum of Archaeology, National Heritage Minister Jose’ Herrera said that the warrant means a responsibility for restorers and conservationists to practice high standards during their work. In the coming days, applications will open for the warrant to those who have been practicing this work for a number of years, he added.

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