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UPDATED: Risked his life on ladder and two planks

Suspended on a ladder and two planks; this was the way a worker was working while installing a lift in a seven-storey building at Imsida.

TVM is informed that the worker is employed with a local lifts company. This photo was taken recently during a working day.

Persons who were on site said that the worker was not even aware of what a safety harness is when he was advised to wear one, neither that in each floor where work is carried out the opening should be covered completely from side to side with planks, and not with only two or in some cases even with one plank.

TVM passed the original photo with details of the company to authorities to investigate the case.

Meanwhile, the company involved in the case has contacted TVM and reiterated that it always provides its workers with a safety harness and other safety equipment, and it is through their own choice when the workers opt not to use them.

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