Hotels and restaurants to benefit from a further €30 million in vouchers

The Minister for Tourism, Julia Farrugia Portelli, said that for the forthcoming year the Government has allocated €95 million for tourism, that is, €10 million more than this year and thus the highest allocation ever made in this sector.

She said this Budget is based on the importance of making tourism sustainable and in the coming weeks discussions will begin with all stakeholders on the first national plan for this strategy.

Minister Farrugia Portelli said for the coming ten years the Government will concentrate on the quality rather than the quantity of tourism. She said that over and above the finance voted for tourism, a further €30 million in vouchers will be to the benefit of hotels, restaurants and tourist accommodation. She also mentioned wages supplement that will continue into forthcoming March and from which there was much benefit to thousands of employees in the tourist sector whose jobs were at stake because of the pandemic.

The Minister said the Government is to launch a number of incentives related to international advertising and will also continue to organise attractive events outside seasonal periods. There is also to be an emphasis on the good maintenance of tourist zones. Work has also begun so that tourist establishments generate enough clean energy for their needs and thus reduce consumption through innovative technology.