Road signs are important and have to adhere to standards – TM

In the laboratory of the Competition and Consumer Authority, MCCAA tests are performed to ensure that signs on Maltese roads are in accordance with the standards required by Transport Malta, which is the regulator. We visited this laboratory in Mosta where Architect Antoinette Conti explained the importance of such tests for the signs to lead to greater road safety.

” As you can see, when you drive, traffic signage doesn’t light up with an external bulb as shop signs do, but it’s retroreflective. This applies to both vertical signage and lines painted on the floor. The amount of signage reflection depends on the road speed. We make sure this is as reflective as possible so that when you drive past, the light generated by the vehicle will allow you read the signage without difficulty. ”

Emanuel Darmanin who is in charge of this lab said that these signs are tested with equipment indicating whether the level at which they reflect is acceptable or not.

” TM and Infrastructure Malta bring the signage here to test for retroreflectivity. Once they are tested we pass the report on to Infrastructure Malta or Transport Malta, which establishes if they are in accordance with the required standards. Then we go back to the site to verify that the contractor has placed what he in fact brought to the laboratory. ”

Transport Malta is also carrying out other work in car parks, which according to Architect Conti must better reflect today’s needs.

” The Authority is currently carrying out an exercise where car park drawings are being prepared, maximizing the number of vehicles that can be parked in these areas; we are introducing a blue badge base, and we are also introducing a number of charging points for electric cars. ”

Works are also being carried out for more accessible pedestrian crossings in various places.

“We noticed that part of the country’s infrastructure in terms of pedestrian crossings is quite old so we are upgrading. We’re changing pedestrian poles and other aspects needed; we are ensuring that pelican crossings are audible so those who can’t see when crossing the road, can hear.”

Architect Antoinette Conti explained that everything that is done on Maltese roads requires the approval of Transport Malta.