“Robert Abela has led as if he has always been at the helm” – PL

The Labour Party said that in his first year, the PM and Labour Party leader, Robert Abela always took decisions whenever required, and has led as if he has always been at the helm. During a press conference addressed by the Deputy Leader for Party Affairs, Daniel Micallef and Rebecca Buttigieg, it was stated that despite global challenges, the Government led by Robert Abela carried out reforms in crucial sectors and he has continued to renew the party. However they acknowledged that there are still areas which need to be addressed.

Mr Micallef said that during this year the PM launched a vision for the future on five pillars: good governance, economic growth, education for a healthy economy in the long term, improvement in the infrastructure and environmental targets for the country to become carbon neutral by 2050. He said that work on this vision began immediately while the country has been going through a pandemic and despite this, in Malta no national lockdown had ever been enforced as happened in other countries, which was the only hurried and unplanned solution which some were proposing up to a few months ago.

He referred to the celebrations of the 100 years since the setting up of the PL, which had to be held as a reduced programme because of the pandemic. He said that decisions taken during this last year reflect the principles on which the PL was founded. Decisions which he said were aimed at saving jobs and providing financial aid to those who are most in need and vulnerable.

Rebecca Buttigieg said that Robert Abela is a strong leader in contrast with the Opposition leader who decides not to decide, and that the first year of his leadership is the greatest proof that with Abela at the helm, the future of the country looks bright.