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UPDATED: Robert Abela to contest Labour Party leadership post

Labour deputy Robert Abela announced that he will be contesting for the Labour Party leadership post.

In a statement on social media yesterday, Dr Abela had said he was not prepared to take part in what he described as ‘a diabolical pact’. Dr Abela stated he did not have a blind ambition for the seat at any cost, as this could cloud his judgement at a delicate moment.

Up to today, only Deputy Prime Minister Chris Fearne had announced he would be contesting for the post.

Other MPs mentioned earlier this week as possible contestants, such as Miriam Dalli and Ian Borg, announced they would not be contesting.

As there are now more than one candidates for the post, according to the Labour Party statute a Congress has to be held for the leader to be chosen, and in which delegates, officials and members of committees, councillors, the candidates’ forum and members will be able to vote.

The Congress is scheduled for 11 January.

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