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Roberta Metsola – the most active Maltese MEP during the past 5 years, according to website mepranking

Following an analysis of information on the work carried out by MEPs in the past five years, authoritative website placed MEP Roberta Metsola as the most active MEP for Malta and Gozo.

The results were announced after the last European Parliament plenary session which ended the 2014-2019 legislature. This result includes an analysis of each different activity carried out by European Parliament deputies that include bills, records on votes, legal amendments, speeches, transparency in voting, the parliamentary role and other issues.

Metsola’s results place her on top of the PPE Group MEPs, after President Antonio Tajani and the group’s chairman, Manfred Weber.

During the last legislature, Roberta Metsola won the prestigious award of the MEP of the Year twice and was selected as one of the ten young leaders in the world in 2017.

Commenting on this result, MEP Metsola said: “it is always a pleasure to be recognised for the work one does, especially when you are recognised by such a forum, however – even if we do not always agree – each Maltese MEP always worked for the people we represent”.


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