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Rocco is following his dream to become a pastry chef

Rocco Gauci believes that life challenges can be overcome if a person follows their dreams and does not give up. Rocco has a disability and is one of 1,200 students undergoing studies at the Institute for Tourist Studies to follow his passion for the preparation of confectionary.

During the last few days the Institute opened its doors at its Luqa campus to enable prospective students to inspect the various courses on offer in the hospitality sphere. Rocco Gauci has already availed himself of the opportunity and is studying to become a pastry chef.

He said the confectionary sphere is a high attraction for him and he is doing well and tries hard not to lose heart.

The Institute’s 1,200 students follow various courses that may also be pursued overseas. The Luqa campus offers academic and practical studies in its kitchen as well as a restaurant.

Rocco said he is aspiring to become a chef and work his way forward, including in future owning his own restaurant. He said he is happy in his studies and will go overseas for a year next year. These are comments of students undergoing courses on the campus.

We asked tutor Victor Zarb of the qualities needed to become a good chef and he replied it is not only a matter of having the ingredients but also of how best them.

ITS Director, Claire Briffa, feels a sense of satisfaction in seeing students attain their success, to see them grow and acquire experience from a slow start into qualifying for the industry.

Rocco Gauci, who is well-loved by his fellow students, desires to inspire other youths to enter the catering sphere, even though they may suffer a disability or other problems. He said his motto is “Go for it”, never give up and move forward.

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