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Ronaldo and Romario hope that Brazil do not fail in this year’s World Cup

Following Brazil’s bitter experience during two editions of the World Cup, this year the national football team is preparing as best as it can for the most prestigious football tournament in the world, taking place this year in Russia.

The memory of four years ago is still fresh in everyone’s mind when Brazil lost against Germany with the score of 7-1, as well as the penalty which Ronaldo had missed in the 1998 World Cup.

However this year, the Brazilian team will be trying not to make any mistakes and is aiming to raise the trophy for the sixth time in the history of its national team. These scenes from the past, together with the dream of the Brazilians to see their team making their way to victory, are being used in a commercial for the brand which provides the football gear for the national team.

Nike not only dresses the Brazilian team but also the France and England national teams, and provides around 60% of the shoes used by the players who will be taking part in the World Cup in Russia.

You can see the Nike commercial here, whose representatives in Malta are Hudson Holdings Ltd:

NIKE Football

Our football is born in the streets. Our football inspires the whole world. #Nike

Geplaatst door Go Sport Malta op maandag 11 juni 2018


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