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Rooster wins Court case in France

A sentence handed down by a Court in France is sure to elicit a smile. This after a rooster in Ile d’Oleron won a Court case against a man who had tried to silence its dawn chorus.

The Court decided that Maurice, who is four years old, should not be silenced. The case ended up in Court after Jean-Louis Biron purchased a holiday home in the country. When he went to stay there, he found that Maurice started crowing every morning at 4.30 a.m., and continued with his dawn chorus until about noon. It seems the rooster got on the man’s nerves, and he requested the owners to silence it.

Maurice’s owners did not want to get rid of their rooster, and the case ended up in Court in a two-year legal battle. The case became a national symbol, and was considered as an argument between rural life and modern lifestyle. The case was also reported in several newspapers, and even led to T-shirts being printed in support of the rooster.

The rooster’s owner insisted that the countryside should remain unsullied, and no one should have the right to silence country noises. The owner declared that Maurice’s victory meant a victory for all of France. This because there were several instances recently of city dwellers moving to the countryside and complaining about the noise.

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