Russia: 1,072 deaths from Covid-19 in 24 hours

Coronavirus is on the rise again, especially in countries where winter has set in, such as Russia and the United Kingdom. On the other hand, Australians are getting a breather and restrictions are on the decline.

Russia has recorded 1,072 deaths from Covid-19 in the last 24 hours. 35,660 new cases were also reported, more than 5,000 of them in the capital Moscow, where a partial lockdown will be imposed. During the first week of November, jobs will be closed nationwide. Despite being the first to develop a coronavirus vaccine, Russia has managed to vaccinate only a third of its population, among the lowest vaccination rates in Europe.

Hospitals in the UK are already finding it difficult to keep up with the patients they have when this week the country recorded a 15 per cent increase in new Covid-19 infections. On Saturday alone, nearly 45,000 new cases were registered. Deaths also rose by 12 percent during this week.

While vaccination and better medical care have drastically reduced deaths, hospitals are still overcrowded and the Covid death rate in the UK is much higher than in other European countries.

Public health consultants said preparations were being made to reintroduce measures to curb the spread of the virus such as having workers work from home. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said he was not expected to resort to a lockdown again.

Melbourne, the city which experienced the most lockdowns worldwide due to the Covid-19 and which has just lifted a number of restrictions, is expected to continue moving in this direction as the state of Victoria will soon reach its target of vaccinating 80 percent of the population. The five million people who live in Melbourne have spent almost nine months living with restrictions during six lockdowns since March 2020. As of Friday, they will be able to travel in the state and will not have to wear masks.