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Russia carrying out biggest military exercise since the Cold War

Russia is carrying out its biggest military exercise since the Cold War, involving over a quarter of a million soldiers. Codenamed Vostok 2018, the exercise will be held in Eastern Siberia, and will inclue the participation of over 3,000 Chinese soldiers and others from Mongolia. The training is being considered as a political message as a time when Russia is facing international pressure, with sanctions against it. The Russian Defence Minister stated that over 36,000 tanks and military vehicles will be involved, as well as over a thousand warplanes. Some 80 warships from two Russian fleets will also take part.

The last military exercise on  a similar scale was held in 1981, but this actual exercise which will last for a week is larger, as it involves more troops and military transport and hardware.

According to reports, Russia is using this exercise to show its military strength in light of its tense situation with NATO. The tension has been ongoing for four years, ever since Russia took over control of the Crimea, which had been part of Ukraine.

A Russian spokesman justified this training because of what he called aggression being shown against his country.


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