Russia with first vaccine against COVID-19 for animals

Russia has registered its first vaccine against Covid-19 for animals. Russia has already developed three vaccines against the virus for people, with the most well-known being Sputnik V.

This animal vaccine, which has been named Carnivak-Cov, appears to be the first one which prevents the spread of the virus in animals. It is being reported that it will start being administered in April.

The clinical trials on this vaccine began in October and were carried out on dogs, cats, foxes, minks and other animals.

Russia’s Deputy Head of Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance Konstantin Savenkov said that the results showed that the vaccine is safe, has a strong effect and does not cause damage to animals. He explained that all the animals which were inoculated developed antibodies for the virus.

It is being reported that immunity provided by the vaccine serves for six months. It appears that various countries have shown interest in this vaccine including the US, Canada and Singapore.

According to Russian scientists this vaccine will prevent the virus from being transmitted. Last May, Denmark was forced to kill 17 million minks after a mutation of the Coronavirus which is infecting people was found in these animals.

A new report by the World Health Organisation says there is the probability that Covid-19 was passed on to people from animals.