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Russia’s take on the military airplanes that were denied Maltese airspace

Russia’s Minister for Foreign Affairs, Maria Zakharova, replied to a number of questions on the matter dating back to 15 April, when Russian military aircraft were not allowed to fly over Maltese airspace.

Zakharova said that while the Russian embassy in Malta made a lawful request to fly two military airplanes over the island en route to Venezuela, this was refused without any explanation. She pointed out that although such a decision was a matter of Maltese sovereignty, the Maltese authorities’ decision departed from usual practice and has undoubtedly created some hostility.

Zakharova said that Russia would be raising this issue in its bilateral relations between the two countries. She also referred to some articles that appeared in the Maltese media, calling them ridiculous. She said that some of the reports in the media were absurd and had twisted facts while categorically denying that Russia would be launching a campaign to undermine the Maltese Government during or after the European Parliament elections next May.

She went on to say that unfortunately, this was not the first time that the country had come out with similar accusations against Russia and harshly criticised journalists who distort the facts.

Meanwhile, the U.S. State Department praised the decision taken by the Maltese Government while urging other countries to follow suit.

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