Ryanair fires crew members who were pictured sleeping on floor at airport

Ryanair has fired six crew members after a photo of them sleeping on the floor at Malaga airport was uploaded online.

The case happened around a month ago and according to Ryanair, this photo was staged to shed a bad light on the company.

The Portuguese workers’ union which represents the airline staff greatly criticized the company because it said that many of the crew members do not have access to food, water and somewhere to sit down between the hours of 1.30am and 6am.

The company said that it felt it had to fire these employees because of their inappropriate behaviour.

The incident happened on 14 October when more than 20 crew members ended up stranded at Malaga airport after some flights had been cancelled.

Despite the issue which arose, the company is insisting that no crew member had slept on the floor but had ensured that they were taken to the VIP lounge and that the next day they were in Porto.

Ryanair said that the photo of the crew members, which went viral, had caused a lot of damage to the company because it was staged and not true, and was irresponsible behaviour on the part of the crew.