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Ryanair stops operation of three Boeing 737 aircraft

Defects have come to light between the wings and bodies of at least three Ryanair aircraft.

This was announced by The Guardian, with Ryanair suspending the operation of three Boeing 737 aircraft.

With effect from October, some 50 Boeing 737 aircraft all over the world have stopped operating because of this defect, which forms a crack between the wings and the rest of the body.

Ryanair operates the biggest fleet of Boeing 737 aircraft in Europe and has never given out details of how many of its aircraft have been affected by this problem.

According to experts, these cracks are not dangerous as long as the necessary inspections are carried out.

The aircraft whose operations have been stopped have registration numbers EI-DCL, EI-DAL u EI-DCJ and are over 15 years old.

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