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Ryanair to introduce two new routes in winter schedule

Ryanair has announced two new routes to and from Malta to Cyprus and Santiago in Spain, with effect from October.  The company has worked out it will carry some three million passengers this year on its 59 routes to and from Malta.

Ryanair also announced that in its winter schedule starting in October, it will continue with flights on the 13 new routes it will be operating in summer to eight countries, including Luxembourg, Greece, Holland and Norway, and Amman in Jordan. This besides the new routes to Spain and Cyprus.

Ryanair Head of Marketing Chiara Ravara stated that “we’re going to have new connections to Paphos and Santiago in Spain, twice weekly – we’ re going to connect Malta to 21 countries and Cyprus is going to be our 21st country to connect Malta to.”

Chiara Ravara added that the company reckons it will carry clost to three million passengers to and from Malta this year, further stating that Ryanair will continue to retain its six-aircraft fleet based in Malta. This, Ravara added, generates 180 direct jobs.

Ravara said that although Ryanair operates with Boeing aircraft in its fleet, it does not have any Boeing 737 Max aircraft so far. This in referance to these aircraft having been grounded following two recent crashes. According to Reuters, Ryanair had been expected to take delivery of its first Boeing 737 Max aircraft next month.

Ravara added that “as Ryanair, we are currently waiting for the outcome of the investigation which is a matter for Boeing and the security authorities, and we currently have no Max operating in our fleet; just like other airlines we are waiting for further instructions.”

Reuters reported that Ryanair had placed orders for more than 50 Boeing 737 Max to join its fleet by 2020.