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UPDATED: Compromise reached between clean air and the manufacture of cars which pollute less – Miriam Dalli

The EU Parliament’s Environment Committee has approved the report by MEP Miriam Dalli concerning pollutant gas emissions from motor vehicles. The report states that by the year 2030, 45% of new private cars and small commercial vehicles should have low CO2 emissions, carbon dioxide being a source of environmental pollution, respiratory diseases and climate change.

While addressing a media conference today in Strasbourg’s EU Parliament, Dr Dalli said the aim is to achieve a balance between an environmental conscience, the health of citizens and the challenges facing the European motor industry.

She explained the policy should lead to a positive change in car manufacturing with an increased number operating on batteries, electricity and other hybrid means and therefore there will be more investment and more employment will be created while simultaneously these vehicles will not cause pollution but will safeguard the health of EU citizens.

The Maltese MEP also stressed the need for an extended infrastructure so that electronic vehicles and those using batteries will be enabled to recharge them without difficulties while urging that employees in the sector be given training.

She went on to explain her proposals that will lead to a change in the system of analysis as to how much CO2 is being emitted to avoid the scandals that took place in the past. Dr Dalli believes these measures will be introduced gradually to give industries in this sphere a time to adapt to the measures established in the report.

Dr Dalli’s report was approved by 38 votes against 23 and seven abstentions. The next step is for a vote in a plenary session by all MEPs in October.

This is Dr Dalli’s comment when asked by TVM about how a balance will be achieved between the economic and environmental aspects of the vehicle manufacturing industry in the European Union through the aims established in the report.


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