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Sacred objects vandalized by ISIS in Catholic churches exhibited in Malta

International foundation ‘Aid to the Church in Need’ has brought over to Malta sacred objects from Catholic churches in Iraq, which were damaged by ISIS terrorists, who persecute thousands of Christians. The foundation stated that the objects will be displayed at an exhibition to raise awareness on Christians facing persecution in various parts of the world due to their faith.

Broken crucifixes and crushed chalices are among the sacred objects that reflect the ugliness of Christian persecution in countries, such as Iraq and Syria where churches were targeted by ISIS extremists.

Mosul bishop in Iraq stated that his churches were vandalized by ISIS. He gave permission so that the sacred objects are sent to Malta to raise awareness on the experience that Christians in the city had to face.

Stephen Axisa, who represents Aid to the Church in Need in Malta, stated that thousands of Christians live in terror and also extreme poverty due to the terrorists. He said that the Vatican based foundation, assisted by other Christians, is helping persecuted Christians.

“In Iraq and Syria, there is the immediate need to assist sheltering people, schools by giving them daily food; we provide one thousand food baskets a day”.

The exhibition of vandalized sacred objects is being held at the Bon Pastur church in Balzan.

Air to the Church in Need foundation works in 140 countries to assist persecuted Christians, including in Muslim countries, China and North Korea.

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