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Sailing ship from Algerian Naval Forces stops in Malta

A sailing ship from the Algerian Naval Forces, El Mellah, has stopped in Malta for three days. TVM spoke with an Algerian navy officer responsible for the training and about the life of cadets on this training ship.

El Mellah – which in Arabic means sailor – is the ship which serves as a school for cadets who are being trained to join the Algerian Navy. Right now there are 99 cadets being trained.

During a stop at the Grand Harbour, Major Akkouche Kariem, who is responsible for training the cadets, explained that after a year at the Naval Academy, the cadets spend some time on the ship to get used to living and working out at sea.

“On board this ship we base (training) on maritime navigation on different aspects, starting from surface navigation, going to the selection navigation, electronic navigation, and for the very first time navigation and sailing.”

Major Kariem explained that on the ship they practice what they would have learned at the Academy. Afterwards they return to the Academy to spend their last two years of training before graduating as officers. He said that the stopover of the training ship in Malta is a sign of the good diplomatic relations between Algeria and Malta.

“We witness the strength and quality of the operation between Algeria and Malta. We have common interests, both in bilateral and multilateral frameworks mainly on the 5+5 initiative”.

El Mellah will set sail again on Wednesday after the cadets have visited several places of interest, including the Maritime Museum and the International Maritime Institute at the University.

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