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‘Sajjetta fil-Bnazzi’ – a song to reflect the times

Singer Janice Mangion today launched her new song ‘Sajjetta fil-Bnazzi’ (‘A Bolt out of the Blue’), for which she composed the lyrics with Mark Scicluna and Cyprian Cassar responsible for the music and production. The song’s message is one easily understood, depicting a life that is progressing smoothly when suddenly everything is turned upside down.

Janice said she wrote the lyrics at this difficult moment in time on the realisation how in life matters suddenly unexpectedly occur, hence, the reason for the title of the song. She said life and the people around should be appreciated because a whirlwind will suddenly change everything. She said the pandemic has shown clearly that from the heavens downward, all are the same.

Although this has been a year of limitations, Janice has remained active in recent months by participating in the song ‘Anġli Moħbija’ (‘Hidden Angels’) with a number of other singers and which raises greater awareness of the pandemic. She also participated in a virtual national concert when he interpreted the song ‘Kewkba’ (‘Shining Star’) together with the song’s composer who played the piano, while she also oversaw that all the material she has launched is in digital composition.

‘Sajjetta fil-Bnazzi’ is now part of this year too.