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By year’s end 40 aviation companies and 400 aircraft are expected to be registered in Malta

With the launching of ‘Malta Air’ and Ryanair’s decision to register about 60 aircraft in Malta, by year’s end Malta’s Aviation Register is expected to have registered 40 aviation companies and 400 aircraft under Maltese registration and licence. The Director General of Civil Aviation under the auspices of Transport Malta, Captain Charles Pace, said that Malta no longer attracts just jets or private aircraft, but also large aviation companies such as Ryanair which are choosing registration under Maltese jurisdiction. He said the main challenges faced are the lack of human resource and banking restrictions by Maltese banks.

Ryanair’s decision to register in Malta aircraft that were being registered in Italy, France and Germany, has increased the number of aviation companies registered to 37.

Captain Pace said the fact that the register has attracted the largest aviation company in Europe shows that Malta is offering a quality service and this augurs well for the future.

Pace said that Ryanair is one of a number that have come to Malta this year, the fourth, while more are in the pipeline and it is expected by year’s end these will total 40 AOC registering 400 aircraft and when compared to the start a few years ago, this is a great increase.

He said these results have resulted from initiatives by different entities such as Malta Enterprise and Malta Industrial Parks which have recognised the investment value, the work and the added value these companies are contributing to the Maltese economy.

He explained that besides licencing aviation companies, the Civil Aviation Directorate also certifies and licences aviation operators such as those offering aircraft maintenance, security courses and cabin crew training.

Pace said that recently certification had been made of two cabin crew training organisations from large companies which operated in England but have now had to leave. Between them these have 9,000 attestations that are equivalent to pilot licences but are related to cabin crew and courses held in Malta.

The Director General said that over and above a lack of human resource in the sector, the operators are experiencing great restrictions by Maltese banks.

Captain Pace said it is not possible to attract companies like these but then they cannot open a bank account or otherwise they have to be introduced to a bank by some particular people.

He said the Directorate has advanced ongoing discussions with two other large aviation companies that like Ryanair are interested in relocating to Malta and another European company that specialises in sea planes that wishes to base its operations from Malta.

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