Salaries in Gozo less than those in Malta

‘Popolin’ spoke to Daniel Borg, an executive official with the Gozo Chamber of Commerce so that we can better understand the reasons behind the fact that salaries in Gozo are less than in Malta.

Borg explained that there may be various factors behind this issue. He added that Malta offers better jobs. In fact, Gozo depends on certain sectors such as tourism, construction and the sale of real estate. However, Gozo is limited when it comes to Gaming, the financial sector, and the digital sector. “We do have a presence in these sectors, but it is very small,” he said.

Asked by the presenter why to date he has not managed to diversify the Gozitan economy, Borg added that Gozo has a lot of potential, but to date not enough tangible attractions have been created so that strong industries can be given incentives to move to Gozo. “The Government needs to give a sign of confidence”.

He said that another step must be made so that companies will have a reason to choose Gozo instead of Malta.