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Salesian Theatre, HELA Foundation win President’s Award for Creativity 2020

The Salesian Theatre in Tas-Sliema has won the President’s Award for Creativity in the section for Strengthening and Development of Talent.

The Theatre’s Executive Director Fr Charles Said stated that with the engagement of suitable persons, the theatre will be in a position to continue boosting the sense of wellbeing within the community whilst expanding community participation through creative expression.

“We believe in equality, in opportunities for everyone. We believe every person has this creativity to express humanity, and through this programme, we are promoting creativity and energy to kindle the fire in every person we meet.”

The HELA Foundation is the winner in the Projects and Programmes Development section. Foundation Secretary Leanne Ellul explained that the project is aimed at creating a love for reading among the Rabat community.

“HELA is seeking to place books at the centre of Rabat and beyond, and we are coming up with various activities. To date, we have published our first literary paper, and we will also have readings for children and adults. More literary papers, naturally, besides activities which will aim to get the community to appreciate books.”

In a virtual address because of the pandemic, President George Vella stated that these two projects have one common aim: to strengthen, expand and renew the sense of community which in many areas has been lost.

“This is the time to think ahead in order to renew and create new ideas. We should find opportunities for creative ideas and, why not, also boost accessibility and inclusion through creativity.”

Minister for the Arts José Herrera stated that during the pandemic artists are a source of inspiration towards solidarity and the strengthening of communities, whilst improving quality of life.

The winners of the two projects will share 75,000 euro over a three-year period.