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Salvini says that the EU is creating unemployment

In an interview with CNN, Italy’s Deputy PM, Matteo Salvini, said that the EU is creating unemployment and it needs to go back to the way it was before signing the Maastricht treaty.

Salvini said more fiscal regulations are needed where the highest priorities should once again be society’s well-being and employment, while laws emerging from Brussels should stop because they are creating problems.

The Maastricht treaty, which is better known as the EU treaty, was signed by the 12 Member States in 1992 and paved the way for the Euro.

Ironically, Salvini was speaking at a time when EU unemployment is down to the lowest rate ever registered by Eurostat. On the other hand, the rate of unemployment in Italy is high when compared with those of other European countries.

The Italian Deputy PM said that he and the movement he believes in base their values on employment, rights, life and security which is the opposite of what is embraced by the EU which works for financing, unemployment and immigration.

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