San Andrea school wins public vote award during Malta Climate Action Awards 2021

San Andrea school has won the public vote award during the Malta Climate Action Awards 2021.

This award was presented to San Andrea after the public was asked to vote for the best initiative in favour of the climate. The public voted by leaving a like on what they considered to be the best video.

The video ‘Sing for the Climate – Do it Now!’ has  called on the public to wake up and build a better future.


The head of school Stefania Bartolo said that she feels climate change is the greatest challenge of our time and will form the lives of future generations. She said that we need to teach young people about this crisis.

The aim of the Malta Climate Action Awards is to recognise and celebrate actions and achievements of businesses, public and private organisations, groups and individuals in the fight against climate change.

The school thanked Nic Balthazar who was the brains behind the campaign ‘Sing For The Climate’ (in Belgium). He showed the video during COP21.