Santa Maria…different strokes for different folks

Santa Maria week has begun – reputedly the hottest time of the year when the pace is somewhat slower than usual. Not for everyone, admittedly.

As of today traffic is smoother than usual because many workplaces shut down for summer holidays and workers began to enjoy some time off work.

For others, it’s business as usual especially if they provide essential services or if they work in shops, where Summer and Winter are immaterial.

“We carry on working. The shop is not as busy as it is during the rest of the year because many people travel abroad and it’s not really a time when people want to buy.” Marisa Moore, sales assistant

Ms Moore added that unlike the shops in Malta, those in Gozo are very busy because many Maltese cross over to Gozo this week for the feast of Santa Maria.

“Where normally it is quiet, this week things pick up because many people are on holiday and have more time on their hands to shop and enjoy themselves. Those who work inside a shop do not look at this time of the year in the same way. This week we are more confined to base so you can’t really spend time with other members of the family who themselves are on holiday. ” Rosalyn Zampa, Sales Assistant

Ms Zampa went on to say that she is there to serve and that she opens her shop during this week and takes her holiday in the weeks following Santa Maria.

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