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Saves five-year-old boy who fell from balcony in Italy

A young petrol pump attendant who works at a Milan petrol station is being hailed as a hero after he managed to save a five-year-old boy who had fallen from a third-floor balcony.

Angel Micael Vargas Fernandez, an Argentinian national who has been living in Italy for some years, was driving along a street in a client’s van which he had just washed, when he spotted the boy hanging down from the balcony.

Fernandez drove the van just below the balcony and climbed onto the open rear area to try and reach the boy. Meanwhile, the boy moved and released his handhold, dropping down as a result.

Fernandez immediately jumped to catch the boy, grabbed him in mid-air, and continued falling with him onto the street.

The youngster and the youth were both taken to hospital because of their fall, but luckily neither of them sustained grievous injuries.


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