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Savio College celebrates its 50th anniversary

Built in the middle of the fields in Dingli on the road which leads to Buskett, Savio College is founded on the philosophy of St John Bosco. The Salesian community which manages this Catholic school can say that it has made Savio College a hub of educational and social activities the whole year round. On Sunday Savio College celebrated its 50th anniversary.

The College was built in 1968 and is celebrating 50 years of success together with its present students, and those who  attended this school 50 years ago.

On Sunday, the Salesian community celebrated its 50th anniversary since the school was opened in the presence of Archbishop Mons Charles Scicluna, which included students who used to attend and teachers who used to teach at this school and above all, the current students.

We spoke with Fr Jeremy Vella, the head of the College.

“I remember Fr Francis Zammit describing how it all begin and the huge efforts they had to make to collect the first few students for Savio College. They used to go around with their van trying to convince parents to send their children to Savio and they only managed to attract 10 students for the first scholastic year,” said Fr Jeremy.

One of these ten studnets was Simon Bugeja. He said that, “the school complex has changed greatly. We did not have a gym. The football pitch was completely different as we practically used to play on dirt and gravel.”

Fr Jeremy told TVM that the spirit of Don Bosco is very important for the educational concept of the College. With this spirit students feel valued and heard, and this makes their educational experience more positive so that they can put their heart into their studies.

He added, “this is not just a place for children to learn but somewhere where they can feel loved.”

Kieren Sant, a Form Four student said that, “I consider this school my second home. It gives us everything we need.”

Nathan Balzan, a Form One student said, “I am very happy to have reached this far. It is a wonderful school. It’s my second family.”

Over the last 50 years, Savio College has never looked back and has continued to welcome around 250 new students each year.

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