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Says that Catholic religion should remain part of the Constitution

On the eve of the end of the public consultation process on the constitutional reform, Archbishop Charles J. Scicluna indicated with Television Malta that the Catholic religion should continue to be part of Malta’s Constitution.

He made the statement during the launching of his book on how the Catholic religion became part of the first Constitution of the Responsible Government in Malta, almost 100 years ago.
Archbishop Scicluna added that whatever the decision taken, he is convinced that the Constitution will continue to ensure the religious freedom.

During the launched of his book, ‘Religion and the 1921 Malta Constitution’, Archbishop Scicluna stated that history should not be put aside.

“The Constitution declares a fact which is also a historic fact and history cannot reinvent it. If else, it can look to the future and the future can be a different experience. More than being concerned, my appeal is that before we decide, we study and our decision is made with open eyes. I also analyse that the present situation has changed, but we cannot cancel the whole heritage we embraced during these two thousand years”, the Archbishop said.

Mgr. Scicluna stated that the Church respects every decision which will be taken in the consultation process leading to a new Constitution.