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Says that Maltese tripe and blood pudding are far better than the foreign ones

The abattoir is investing in a plant for the treatment of animal secondary products. The plant is expected to be completed during the first half of next year and will permit the introduction in the market of local tripe and blood pudding.

The use of animal secondary products for the production of tripe and blood pudding, introduced since the Knights period, have been lost in recent years particularly following Malta’s membership in the EU, as the processing method used in the past, did not remain viable with the necessary standards.

Till today, the majority of secondary products from locally-killed pork, beef, sheep and goats are burnt in the thermal plant near the abattoir in Marsa.

Last year, some 1,700 tons of material were dumped however a big part of it may have different use.

This is now feasible with an investment of  €300,000 at the abattoir through the first plant in Malta for the treatment of animal secondary products.

Stephan Cauchi, who is responsible for the abattoir’s running, said that today there is enough demand both for blood pudding and tripe. “If one looks at the machinery we are not only processing one type of tripe but can process types of different animals – pork, sheep, goats and beef….we can deliver a product that provides value to what the Maltese herdsman produces”.

85-year old Philip Muscat has worked at the abattoir for fifteen years and his main activity was the production of tripe. He says that there is no competition with the Maltese tripe. “Yes it is better than the foreign product, much better. Why? I do not know, but everyone says so”.

The two products – tripe and blood putting – are best cooked roasted in the oven or stewed.