Scenes of anger at arrival of immigrants at Haiti airport

Scenes of anger have dominated Haiti’s main airport after a considerable number of immigrants were deported towards the country from the US.

On their arrival at the Port-au-Prince airport, the immigrants started running back to the plane they had arrived on while others threw their shoes at the airplane.

Last week, the US began deporting many immigrants from the Texas border which over the last few weeks saw an influx of immigrants.

Around 13,000 immigrants gathered under the bridge which links Del Rio in Texas with Ciudad Acuna in Mexico.

Thousands of others, including many of them from Haiti, are stranded near the border between Colombia and Panama.

The confusion at the airport broke ouut as one of the men tried to climb on the airplane.

At the same time Reuters has reported that the crew began to quickly close the doors of the plane.

Videos taken at the airport show a lot of people trampling on each other after their luggage and personal items were thrown off the plane.