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Schools which underwent risk assessment all complied with health protocols

Education Ministry’s permanent secretary, Frank Fabri, said that by tomorrow all risk assessments of schools will be concluded. Interviewed during TVM’s 8.00pm News, Dr Fabri stated that the risk assessments of schools were all in conformity with the health protocols.

He added that there are still some schools which will undergo a risk assessment today, however he said that it is clear that all schools in Malta and Gozo implemented the measures.

The Education permanent secretary stated that the schools were completely changed – the biggest operation ever made in the education sector. He said that classes no longer belong to teachers but are now for students, schools’ movement is reduced while cleansing in schools increased by 40%.

He said that it wasn’t reasonable that 55,000 students and 9,000 educators had to attend school on the same day. Educators will start attending schools from next Monday, while the students will attend in different groups from the 7th till the 14th October. He said that this will gradually facilitate the observance of new practices.

Dr Fabri further stated that there is a number of measures on everything connected with schools. On transport, he said that between every trip the vans will be cleaned, students have to wear a mask and windows will be kept open in summer and winter. Transport routes will be increased this year because of a decrease in the amount of students on vehicles.

Asked on online lessons, the permanent secretary said that the first priority is teaching in classes, however online learning may be undertaken. Currently, lessons are being recorded so that students who cannot attend school will have on demand access from home.

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