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Science and art merge together at Science in the City

The European Capital of Culture will be celebrating science during “Science in the City” which this year will merge art and science during the seventh edition of this activity financed by European funds. Here is a look at the programme being prepared for this event taking place between 8 – 20 September.

This year “Science in the City” will be building a bridge between science and culture with its innovative projects. More than 100 researchers and Maltese and European scientists will be exhibiting projects which will bring together scientific principles and artistic creativity.

Project Manager Dr Edward Duca explains that this edition will celebrate the versatility of science in its vast interpretation with imagination and technology forming part of the programme which should appeal to a wide spectrum of people, from children to adults.

“The theme this year is “Science is Culture”…and we are trying to do this by speaking on various topics, for example, the food which we are making at the Fablab about which we will do a series…we also have various music projects at Pjazza Teatru Rjal where musical theatre and dance are combined with numbers and mathematics,” he said.

Dr Duca said that the activities will take place at various locations including, Pjazza San Ġorġ, Valletta gate, Pjazza Teatru Rjal and Pjazza Tritoni where artists and scientists from the University of Malta and Vienna will create three interactive installations which will include a huge computer mouse and virtual sculptures.

Another activity will be “Science in the House” within the parliamentary building which will offer a platform for young scientists from the University and MCAST to show their projects.

Professor Alex Felice, who is the co-ordinator for “Science in the City”, said that in the year when the whole of Valletta is the European Capital of Culture, the city will be offering a unique experience to Maltese visitors as well as tourists.