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Scientist Stephen Hawking dies

Stephen Hawking, the scientist renowned for his work in the field of physics, especially black holes in space and the concept of relativity, has died.

Hawking died in his home in Cambridge, England, early on Wednesday morning. He was 76 years old. Hawking, who is famous for writing a number of books including A Brief History of Time, was only given a few years to live when he was only 22, because of a rare condition which attacked his nervous system.

Professor Hawking managed to overcome the obstacles which this diagnosis brought with and continued to carry out groundbreaking research from his wheelchair. He also used to use an instrument instead of his voice to be able to ‘talk’. In a statement, his children, Lucy, Robert and Tim confirmed that he had died of natural causes.

They described their father as scientist of substance and as an extraordinary man – they praised the courage and persistence he showed throughout his life.

They said that his sense of humour despite the condition he lived with throughout his life, inspired millions of people all over the world and his work in the field of physics will remain valid for generations to come.

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