Scientists believe they have found a cure for common cold

In the United States, scientists believe they have found a cure for the virus which causes common cold and other similar viruses, which may cause paralysis.

Contrary to current perception, no cure presently exist for common cold, and medicines only serve to minimize pain and kill microbes in cases of an infection.

Many of the common cold viruses are classified as rhinoviruses, however there are 160 different types of such viruses which frequently change their form to resist medicine or hide from the body’s immune system.

The cure being studied does not directly attack the virus, however it tries to change human cells in a way that the virus does not find the adequate environment in which it can reproduce. This occurs as the virus controls the human cells and use them to grow.

Researchers at the Universities of Stanford and California identified a particular protein in the human cell that, when it is does not function, it greatly affects the virus production in the individual.

These researchers maintain that the idea is not that individuals are genetically modified, but of creating a medicine that stops the methyltransferase SETD3 protein temporarily as a protection.

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