Training to be provided before a social housing key is presented

In what is being termed as a new Care Plan, the Minister for Accommodation, Roderick Galdes, wil not just be handing over keys to those that apply for social accommodation but they will also be helped to solve any difficulties they may be facing. This will be with the help Faculty for the Fulfilment of Society that after a study will be proposing various solutions.

Over 1,900 persons therefore will not only be provided with a roof over their heads by the Housing Authority but will also be given guidance for a better quality of life.

The Dean for the Faculty for the Fulfilment of Society, Dr Andrew Azzopardi, said this will have widespread application. A data analysis is being made and a package presented to enable prospective enjoy a better quality of life by tackling their problems.

Minister Galdes said that when the family begins to break up, problem increase as well as generating a tendency to resort to criminal means.

Many such cases emanate from as a result of family breakage, domestic violence or mental health problems and therefore a whole picture has been established. Just being provided with a key does not solve the problems because to move ahead persons need to have social mobility as well as having basic skills. Therefore, before entering such a residence, key-holders will be given the necessary training to enable them to change their lives.

The study will be financed from the Housing Development Fund and will develop a programme in specialised housing so that those needing it will be given holistic help.