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“He will remain a point of reference for the apostolic and sacerdotal work for which we have been called” – The Bishop of Gozo

The Bishop of Gozo, Anton Teuma, compared the choice of Monsignor Mario Grech by Pope Francis to an evangelic episode when Christ called on two of his disciples to help him in the preparation of the Easter Supper.

He said the Easter Supper is the Eucharist which he described as the crux of Communion in which Christians congregate and share together the bread and the wine.

Bishop Teuma said that Pope Francis has called on one of our brothers to help him in his work and for this Communion, priests, religious persons and Christian laypersons this is a great honour.

In his message Bishop Teuma promised Monsignor Grech that he will not only support him with his prayers but will provide him with active support but above all promised him he will be with him and near him in all moments of his experiences together with Pope Francis.

Bishop Teuma ended by saying that Monsignor Grech will remain a point of reference in the apostolic and sacerdotal work for which they have been called.