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Two valleys to undergo rehabilitation works

An investment of €1.3 million is to be dedicated to rehabilitation work in two valleys, Wied Għajn Riħana and Wied Liemu. Ambjent Malta is currently carrying out research of all of Malta and Gozo’s valleys to enable their rehabilitation.

The two valleys, Wied Għajn Riħana limits of Burmarrad and Wied Liemu between Rabat and Dingli are two that will undergo rehabilitation.

The Management Head for Valleys in Ambjent Malta, Alexander Borg Galea, explained that alien invasive trees that are causing damages are to be removed, such as acacias.

He said these will be removed to be replaced by 1,600 indigenous trees and bushes to create mini-forests in the two valleys.

Borg Galea continued to explain that stone walls are to be restored and metal gates will be replaced by wooden ones while greater access will be provided for farmers that have fields in these localities and a better irrigation scheme will be installed.

He said that research is currently underway on all valleys in Malta and Gozo. This will entail the detailing of invasive species, special important habitation that is of great conservation importance and how the valleys can be used for greater water conservation to provide better water supplies.

Borg Galea said the research will be followed by conservation plans for the valleys.

Environmental Minister, Josè Herrera, said the Government is morally and legally obliged to preserve the country’s biodiversity.

Dr Herrera said that €1.1 million has been designed for Wied Għajn Riħana while €0.2 million will cover Wied Liemu which is much smaller. The whole project is being co-financed by the EU.

The Minister for EU Affairs, Edward Zammit Lewis, said the use of such funds do not only provide environmental effect but also economic by helping farmers and water conservation.

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