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Home to be opened for members of disciplinary forces injured on duty

The Fondazzjoni Blue Light that was established by Police Sergeant Simon Schembri is expected to open its first home to provide care for those members of disciplinary forces who become injured on duty. An activity at Safi took place this morning with the participation of the country’s disciplinary forces.

The Foundation that was established after Schembri himself was badly injured on duty, is planning to open a home to provide psychological support for members of disciplinary forces and their families now that the Government has decided to provide a form of assurance to members of these forces who suffer grievous incidents while carrying out their duty.

This was stated by Simon Schembri during the Safi activity in which the Foundation, together with the Safi Local Council, welcomed public entities in the security sphere, including the Council for Road Safety.

Sergeant Schembri said all those involved in this work continually risk their lives from the very moment they leave home to start their duty. He said the home will welcome those who suffer incidents and the utmost will be done to help them and their families as well.

Ten months after the incident that almost caused his death, Sergeant Schembri stated he is looking forward to the time when he can continue giving his services to the Police Force.

He said that currently he is visiting hospital on a daily basis for therapy. He has not as yet returned to work but he is near to returning as long as with God’s will all goes well.

The Safi event was attended by representatives of the Police Force, the Armed Forces, Customs, Civil Protection, the Emergency Department, the Kordin Correctional Facility, LESA, The Cleaning Division, Transport Malta and the Council for Road Safety who explained their roles in the community in connection with legal enforcement.

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