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TVM documentaries on Youtube with English Language sub-titles

In the coming days TVM will launch a station on Youtube that will transmit a number of documentaries shown on TVM stations and these will be underscored by English Language subtitles.

PBS Chairman Dr. Tonio Portughese said the documentary “Pass Pass għal Auschwitz” that was selected as the best documentary of the month at the TMFF festival in Glasgow, Scotland, will be among the documentaries featured on this station.

Dr. Portughese and the PBS Board of Directors met with Jonathan Farrugia who is the director of co-productions between PBS and Flash Productions. The series recently transmitted on TVM shows the suffering, the bitterness and the persecution that many thousands experienced in the Auschwitz Concentration Camp during World War II.

Dr. Portughese said that preparations are in hand for this documentary to be broadcast in the museum dedicated to the Holocaust during the international day dedicated to Holocaust Victims. He praised the high standard attained by the production and the benefit value it reflected on Maltese broadcasting. He said that the Public Broadcasting Services is committed to broadcast historic episodes that have left their mark on humanity and relaying these to the younger generations, including school children.

PBS CEO, Charles Dalli, said the station on Youtube will launch its transmission by relaying the documentary “Kulħadd għal Belt”, showing the chain of events that paved the way for the incidents that happened during Sette Giugno.

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