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Sea Watch 3 captain arrested at Lampedusa port

Sea Watch 3 vessel captain, Carola Rackete, was arrested at Lampedusa port.

53 migrants on board the vessel had been stranded for two weeks waiting to enter into a safe port.

Interior Minister, Matteo Salvini refused to allow the vessel enter an Italian port, maintaining that the whole operation was illegal while Germany or The Netherlands indicated they will accept the migrants as the captain is a German national and the vessel flies the Dutch flag.

Captain Rachete decided to enter port without a permit following two weeks’ of alternations on the issue. He had insisted in a statement that persons’ lives should never be used as a political ball.

During the G20 summit, Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte said that many European countries agreed to share the Sea Watch 3 migrants among themselves.

Meanwhile, it is still not known how the Italian authorities will handle the migrants until they are relocated in other European countries, while Captain Rackete is facing 10 years in prison.

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