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Sea Watch files judicial protest against Malta on Moonbird aircraft

The humanitarian NGO Sea Watch has filed a judicial protest against the Maltese authorities who are prohibiting the NGO’s Moonbird aircraft from flying from Malta to carry out reconnaissance in the central Mediterranean.

This was pointed out in a statement by Sea Watch, which stated that this aircraft has been stopped since May from operating to and from Malta to carry out reconnaissance in the Mediterranean for immigrants requiring assistance whilst crossing the Mediterranean.

Sea Watch added that it had tried to reach agreement through diplomacy in order to start operating this small aircraft once again, but the situation had remained unchanged.

It has been stated that the Moonbird case shows that Malta has not only closed off access to the maritime rescue zone, but also wants to conceal the disastrous consequences of immigration from the eyes of the world.

The statement added that one cannot turn a blind eye and pretend nothing is happening, as Prime Minister Joseph Muscat is presently doing. This was stated in reference to a tweet by Dr Muscat in regard to the fighting and tension in Libya.