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Second reported case of illegal hunting – protected species injured at Miżieb

The second protected bird species within a week has been reported injured. According to BirdLife the bird is a Marsh Harrier, and was recovered yesterday by some cyclists in Mizieb after suffering shotgun injuries.

BirdLife said in a statement that the Hunters’ Federation, FKNK, says the land where the bird was found is theirs. It adds that this year’s hunting season  is for quail.

The hunting of quail is not normally carried out at Mizieb, according to BirdLife, as the habitat is not ideal for this species. BirdLife therefore concludes that whoever was at Mizieb intended hunting for protected species.

BirdLife issued a photograph and video clip of the bird with injuries to both wings. It adds that the bird is very thin, indicating the shooting occurred some days ago.

It is normal for Marsh Harriers to overfly the Maltese Islands in spring and autumn, when they are on their way to Northern Europe for breeding.

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