See a pebble, pick it up and read a positive message

The Richmond Foundation has teamed up with a leading bank in Malta in an initiative which started in the USA but which has found its way across the pond. Pebbles with inspiring positive messages have been scattered around Malta in a project which aims to give hope and courage to persons who stumble upon them. The Richmond Foundation is currently helping and treating 120 people with mental illness, nine of whom are children.

In a fast-paced and stressful world many people fall victim to mental challenges. The Richmond Foundation is currently home to nine children who have been separated from their families because of mental challenges, and over ninety others for whom residential care is provided.

The Foundation has houses and apartments which provide care and residence to people with mental challenges. Foundation spokeswoman Tracy Glynn said that from the cases she has observed, men are not as quick to seek help as are women.

According to Glynn “men do not seek help because men have been culturally programmed to be healthy and are not allowed to show their feelings”.

Glynn went on to say that schools were requesting more assistance from the Foundation due to an increase of children with mental challenges.

“We receive a number of emails where it is clear that children are practising self-harm and do not know what to do”.

The Foundation continues to try to reach people in a positive way and it has teamed up with a leading bank in an initiative where bank employees have painted and written messages on pebbles and dispersed them in various public places so that whoever find them will receive a positive message.

Tracy Glynn said “I urge anyone who notices symptoms to professional help.”

Whoever feels like talking about mental challenges can call freephone 1770 to receive the help they need.

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