Seed Green will help young people come up with ideas for innovative climate-friendly business

The Seed Green environmental initiative will support those with innovative and climate-friendly ideas.

This program is expected to lead to the creation of a new economic niche that is sustainable and creates jobs in the environmental field, where a number of young people will be able to start a new business that is environmentally sustainable in order to meet the goals on climate change.

“The ideas will be various, obviously they have to be related to climate, as far as possible, to climate neutrality, which is the topic we are addressing. The sections are various; we have the environment, transport, the hospitality sector, educators who come up with ideas on how we can educate more about the particular subject. All sections are listed on the our website ” explained Nicole Borg, President of the JCI.

Anyone who presents an innovative idea that can be made commercially viable and sustainable will receive training, logistics and even financial assistance through Malta Enterprise. The program is being carried out with the help of two Ministries; Energy, Enterprise and Sustainable Development along with Environment, Climate Change and Planning.

Minister Miriam Dalli said that financial assistance from Malta Enterprise could go up to € 1.2 million, while encouraging young people to come forward with new ideas.

“We are appealing for young people to come forward through the JCI; we will see what innovative ideas they have and how they can take the next step for the idea to be commercialized. We will be helping them through mentoring and even with the help of ‘accelerator’. We will be encouraging these ideas to grow as much as possible and once there are ideas that can be made on a commercial basis, we will be guiding them to Malta Enterpise’s initiatives to support and support such ideas. ”

The Minister of the Environment, Aaron Farrugia, said that Seed Green could lead to a new economic niche. “Climate change targets are at country – not government – level, so it requires not only the input of people and families but also of industry and all entrepreneurs. We have teamed up with JCI to get young people into a new economic niche for the country. We believe that as the country has entered new niches, including logistics, pharmaceuticals and others, we believe there is a chance to find another niche here. ”

During the news conference it was said that this program would create a number of environmentally friendly jobs.